ATPL entered an agreement with the Commonwealth Department of Industry Science and Resources through their COMercialising Emerging Technologies Program

COMET funding enabled ATPL to develop the OTCI beyond the prototype stage and to conduct market research.

Confirmation of this grant may be viewed at the AusIndustry web site by viewing Page 4 of COMET Approvals for 1999-01.

The final stage of the COMET agreement involved Australian and international patenting of the software and process.

The ISUS Grant was won by verityVR Pty Ltd, the commercialisation arm of Anderson Technologies Pty Ltd (ATPL) to develop a business model through a real-world implementation of the technology.

We have now completed all stages of our ISUS project with the Dept of State Development and are in the final stages of design modification to allow independent and unmanned operation at a nearby theme Park.

The ISUS grant has helped us develop the business model of the VRG-1 system and we have completed a virtual reality simulation of an aboriginal village before the arrival of European man in Australia for use with the 3D manipulation tools offered by VRG-1.

The simulation is to be installed at the Australian Tourism Awards Hall of Fame long term resident, The Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park in Smithfield, just north of Cairns.