Virtual Reality Gateway Version 1

Our fully immersive award winning virtual reality system, code named; VRG-1, uses optical tracking to deliver the most cost effective fully immersive wireless VR simulation platform on the market today. This allows the user a natural first person VR interaction and natural manipulation of virtual objects in the simulation.

VRG-1 uses an optical tracking computer interface (OTCI) developed by parent company Anderson Technologies Pty Ltd which is capable of determining exact user spatial data at speeds beyond human perception.  Hence all of the current issues associated with mass market fully immersive VR are solved. OTCI currently tracks the users head position and orientation and the user’s right hand position and orientation.

OTCI can detect sub-millimeter movement. OTCI processing occurs within 1 millisecond and the user’s spatial data is delivered to the target application.  The rate that samples can be delivered by the system is only limited by the image capture and computer hardware. Currently rates up to 200 user spatial data samples per second are economically possible.  Experience shows however that 30 accurate low latency user spatial samples per second is adequate for human perception when interacting within a low stress VR simulation.

Higher performance turnkey systems can be developed on request.

OTCI has been integrated with an industry standard VRML browser Blaxxun Contact and with games Quake III and Unreal Tournament.  Further enhancements to the game integrations are being implemented in order to create a mass market multi-user fully immersive internet accessible VR game. Watch the news page for upcoming events.

Currently we have implemented a four multi-user system employing the latest VRG-1 units at the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park  viewing a Tjapukai Dreamtime Simulation. Please see below some screenshots of the simulation developed.  This multi-user VR system will provide an added educational experience to the park’s 200,000 annual visitors.  This VR system will teach the user basic understanding of common Tjapukai objects in terms of Tjapukai spoken word, visual 3D representation and descriptive text in the following user selectable languages; Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

The Tjapukai Dreamtime Simulation is a VRML application.  A powerful Windows based graphics workstation renders a 800x600pixel 24bitcolour image of a complex 3D world between 50 to 100+ times per second.  These images are transmitted wirelessly as video to the OTCI VR immersion helmet.  This helmet houses and protects a generic video HMD while enhancing the fully immersive virtual reality simulation to the limits of practical safety.

We offer the latest VRG-1 fully immersive VR platform with a single unit starting at US$25,000. This price includes:

OTCI integrated graphics workstation,
OTCI integrated user motion tracking system,
OTCI VR immersion helmet,
OTCI CyberHand controller,
OTCI technology and 3D application integration kit,
OTCI integrated VRML browser application,
12 months limited hardware warranty,
12 months email support and free OTCI technology upgrades, game integration enhancements and game integration additions from the date of purchase.

This price does not include shipping, onsite installation or onsite support, content development or 3D application integration. Higher performance turnkey systems can be developed on request. We offer a complete range of services in order to take your VR Simulation from concept to practical reality.

Please send your enquiry to detailing your proposed virtual reality simulation requirements.

We can then prepare a detailed response including costs and implementation timeframes based on this information.